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Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs: Village Herbalist Nancy Phillips and Apple Grower Michael Phillips

Classes at Heartsong Farm

We are working on herbal education plans for those of you just starting with the healing herbs so please stay tuned. Our Organic Apple Intensive with Michael in 2016 will take place the weekend of June 4 & 5, 2016 for those wanting an immersion into everything apple. We hope you can join us!

About our herbal sabbatical: Nancy will be teaching at the International Herbal Symposium in June and at the Women's Herbal Conference in August. Meanwhile this will be the summer Michael completes major renovations on our 1880s farmhouse. We are leaving up examples of past herb programs below to kindle your interest for the years ahead. Blessings, friends!

Herbs for Family Health

"Summer Camp" at Heartsong Farm

Nancy Phillips is an herbal practitioner, educator, and farmer (photo: Michael Phillips).

Three Fun Days of Learning About Herbs, Health and Healing

We welcome you to join us for a midsummer herbal getaway on the farm. What a fun way to be introduced to the world of healing plants! Make new friends who share that same passion for wellness empowerment. Play in the brook and revel in the healing aura of wildflowers and trees. Grown-up kids deserve a chance to go to "summer camp" for a few days too!

Plan on a Midsummer Weekend! We start Friday at 10 am and end on Sunday at 4 pm. Delicious farm fresh meals are included on Saturday and Sunday. (Friday night is an herbal pot-luck meal.) Some people say they'd come just for the wholesome meals at Heartsong Farm! You are welcome to camp on our land which is 58 acres of forest, fields and meadows nestled in the northern White Mountains of New Hampshire. A list of local motels can be found below for those wanting full amenities.

The Herbalist's Way: The Art and Practice of Healing with Plant Medicines by Nancy and Michael Phillips -- click for book summary The Herbalist's Way: The Art and Practice of Healing with Plant Medicines Click here for a class registration form.

Foundations of Herbal Healing

First Steps on a Lifetime Journey to Knowing the Plants and the Healer Within

We welcome you to join us for a Green adventure that will immerse your heart, mind, and soul in the world of healing herbs. Our program will be an in-depth experience for anyone wanting to use herbs for health and well being. We will identify, grow, harvest, prepare and use herbs together. This course will provide you with the practical skills necessary to become a home herbalist. People well versed in other healing arts find our Foundations program a holistic complement to their own work.

Nancy ventures down many fun avenues of herbal exploration in her foundations course: Hands-on plant identification, making herbal body care products, medicinal preparations, nourishing & tonifying herbs, harvesting & drying techniques for medicinal herbs, wild food foraging & cooking, body system therapeutics, herbs for children, medicinal formulation, plant allies, herbs for first aid, supporting the ever-vital immune system, and much more. Michael will join in each weekend to share gardening insights and ethical wildcrafting tips for native herbs.

Dates to be Announced: We'll meet on five different weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from May to September so you can learn from the plants as they flow through the changes of the seasons.

Calendula Flower -- Healing Preparations: click for herbal remedies from Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs (photo: Michael Phillips)
check out our herbal remedies in Nancy's Apothecary
Click here for a class registration form.
"Nancy and Michael Phillips' Foundations course is a great start for anyone who wishes to study the herbal way of life. I was able to escape the regular world and enjoy a sustainable, sensational, herbal world during our weekends. This class goes beyond anything you can get from a book!"
-- Maria Noel Mandile
2003 Foundations student

Further Your Herbal Wisdom

Ongoing Training for Herbalists

Our dynamic intermediate training program for herbalists will resume in coming years. Plans are already taking shape with some of our favorite herbal teachers. Both Kate Gilday and Kathleen Maier have indicated a willingness to spend a weekend furthering our herbal wisdom here at Heartsong Farm. We'll have more to share about this exciting series once we confirm weekend dates and course topics. Gourmet herbal meals by Nancy will always be part of these learning experiences. What fun!

The pink pollen stamens in these native hawthorn blossoms indicate optimal medicinal potency.
Learn more about some of our favorite herbs
"If there's a person who embodies the essence of a community herbalist, it is Nancy Phillips. She's been one of our most popular teachers at Sage Mountain and has assisted me in my Herbal Apprentice Programs, the Science & Art of Herbology home study course, and at the New England Women's Herbal Conference and International Herb Symposium. Quite simply, I'm enthralled by her way of life, her beautiful gardens, her farm and family and encourage any one wishing a more in-depth knowledge of herbalism or seeking a more harmonious way of living to study with Nancy. You'll be delighted you did!"
-- Rosemary Gladstar
Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center & Botanical Sanctuary
Founder/President of United Plant Savers

We'd love to have you join us!
Email us with any additional questions.

The Holistic Orchard: Growing Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way by Michael Phillips -- click for book summary The Holistic Orchard: Growing Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way
Now on DVD!
DVD: Holistic Orcharding with Michael Phillips -- click for dvd description and video Holistic Orcharding with Michael Phillips
The Apple Grower: A Guide for the Organic Orchardist by Michael Phillips -- click for book summary The Apple Grower: A Guide for the Organic Orchardist
Holistic Orchardist Network: -- click for more on Organic Orcharding
Check out the latest in Holistic Orchard Research

Organic Apple Intensive

Hands-on Learning with the author of
The Holistic Orchard

This "organic apple everything" weekend with Michael at the farm inspires people to pursue their own orchard dreams. Come gain the practical insights needed to establish your own fruit planting based on the biological systems approach used here at Lost Nation Orchard.

Holistic orcharding involves a wide breadth of knowledge and timeliness, yet one fact stands clear -- we can have beautiful apples grown without chemical intervention. Sustainable agriculture works only when we have fun and get people involved with growing healthy food. Michael's workshops point the way for organic apple growers to meet their unique site challenges.

Michael Phillips, organic orchardist, pruning an apple tree

Michael will lead participants in a walk through the orchard season. He will discuss the key role understory management and soil health plays in an organic orchard, and look at varietal and rootstock choices. Tree planting, pruning, grafting, branch training, and trunk protection will be woven into our time together along with a look at righteous equipment for the small-scale orchard. Michael will also identify insect and disease dynamics from a holistic perspective aimed at achieving maximum diversity, pointing out a few of the culprits and beneficial allies on hand around bloom time. The weekend ends with a rambunctious wassail sure to kindle those hopes of offering the "good fruit" to one's own family and community.

The 2016 Organic Apple Intensive will begin on Saturday morning, June 4, at 10 am and run through Sunday afternoon, June 5, till 4 pm. Meals will be included (lunch and dinner on Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday) along with a cider tasting on Saturday evening. The cost for this orcharding weekend will be $295 per person.

Click here for a class registration form.
May you walk in beauty and balance on the Mother until we meet again. content

Where to Stay

We aim to be as accommodating as we can when people come to the farm for one of our classes. Setting up a tent to camp in the orchards and pastures can be a great part of the herbal experience. Just as the wooden floor of our post'n'beam barn makes for cozy slumber parties. Our family bathroom is open to all, and there's an intriguing outhouse by the gardens as well. Understandably, some of you may want to spring for a real bed with private facilities. Here are several places to stay (all within 20 minutes of Heartsong Farm) that come complete with a fair share of northern New Hampshire character:


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